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At EE Solutions, we're not just designers, developers, or consultants; we're visionaries and builders. We're innovators and agents of positive change. Discover how our custom software solutions and strategic consulting have empowered businesses to transcend their digital aspirations.

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Catch a glimpse of our expertise in our portfolio. Each project showcases our knack for turning complex challenges into victories, combining innovation in design, software development, and strategic consulting. Our diverse work, highlighting our commitment to excellence and client success, reflects just a fraction of our extensive experience and capability in transforming visions into realities.

Global MES Software (Enterprise)

EE Solutions partnered with Parsec to revolutionize a Fortune 500 CPG company's manufacturing process using the TrakSYS MES platform. Tasked with global rollout, we focused on developing and integrating operator dashboards, ensuring consistency and standardization. Utilizing .Net and other platforms, our team enhanced the MES system on a global scale. Our expertise in global business analysis, .Net integration, OPC/PLC data, and custom JS libraries played a crucial role in delivering business and development improvements across multiple nations.

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Supplier Quality Management (Enterprise)

EE Solutions developed a custom cloud application for a Fortune 500 CPG company, revolutionizing their supplier quality management. This solution, designed in response to a fragmented process and a past recall, efficiently tracks and monitors supplier production data. Our web app excels in detecting quality variances and integrates smoothly with global operations. Features like a cross-platform portal, anomaly detection, automated reminders, real-time chat, and a global help desk ensure its flexibility and scalability to meet ongoing requirements.

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Therapeutic Vibration (Startup)

EE Solutions partnered with VibeTech (a NASA Spinoff) to create the VibeSit PRO, an innovative physical therapy device for older adults at high fall risk. Leveraging patented technology, this device activates leg muscles using therapeutic vibration. Our team designed its intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and a custom Bluetooth module for iOS/Apple Watch integration. Featuring SmartDosing™, the VibeSit PRO allows real-time treatment adjustments and remote monitoring, enhancing patient outcomes through personalized care.


Specialty Coffee E-Commerce (Startup)

EE Solutions transformed B-R-E-W Coffee from a concept to a dynamic e-commerce reality. We developed a tailored Shopify site, accompanied by in-depth market research, due diligence, and an impactful investor deck. Our creative input spanned logo and branding design to unique features like subscription bundling and a product recommendation quiz, establishing B-R-E-W Coffee as a distinctive online specialty coffee destination.

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Social Networking App (Startup)

EE Solutions brought Belle, a novel social networking app, to life. Ranked among the top 100 startups at eMerge Americas, Belle revolutionizes real-world connections. Our team developed everything from the ground up, including the iOS app and its features. Belle offers a seamless way to connect with local individuals, from coffee lovers to art enthusiasts, through just one tap. It also lets users share favorite city spots and enjoy spontaneous meetups. Our contributions included ideation, design, development, and ongoing support, ensuring Belle's journey from a concept to a top-rated social platform.

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ICU-Grade Ventilator (Startup) [ACQUIRED]

EE Solutions played a pivotal role in TVP Health's creation of the AIRA, an affordable ICU-grade ventilator, turning a whiteboard concept into a life-saving device. Our expertise in design, software, and firmware development, alongside rapid prototyping and project management, was crucial. AIRA, which has received FDA's EUA, the Autodesk Excellence Award in 2020, and a showcase in the Smithsonian Design Museum, is a testament to our commitment to innovative healthcare solutions. Our team guided compliance with ISO standards, developed continuous integration testing pipelines, and integrated advanced technologies for seamless operation.

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Digital Healthcare Hub (Enterprise)

EE Solutions was instrumental in developing a Digital Healthcare Hub for an enterprise client, creating a web application that seamlessly integrates provider and patient accounts. This hub forms a central part of a digital ecosystem, facilitating easy access to various web and native applications and smooth onboarding of new members. We employed standards like OpenID Connect and HL7 FHIR, ensuring interoperability with EHRs, eHealth Apps, and other clinical tools. Our key contributions included integrating Health Gorilla APIs for comprehensive patient data access, implementing HL7 FHIR-based components for data management, and incorporating Onfido's biometrics for secure identity verification.

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NPS AI Assistant (Enterprise)

EE Solutions engineered a custom AI assistant for a Fortune 500 CPG company, revolutionizing data analysis in supply chain management. Utilizing OpenAI's LLM, NLP, and the Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) model, the tool streamlined the exploration of Net Promoter Scores and other metrics. It enabled efficient multilingual interactions and intuitive data queries. Key advancements included accurate data classification, in-depth sentiment analysis, and stringent security protocols. This AI assistant significantly enhanced decision-making, stakeholder understanding, and vendor relations, showcasing the transformative impact of AI in operational optimization.

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USB File Encryption & Backup (Stealth)

EE Solutions developed 'Extension Charm' for a stealth company, a groundbreaking USB drive with cloud-native backend and internet connectivity. Our team engineered a device using an ARM CPU that acts as a mass storage unit while also encrypting and backing up files to the cloud. Our expertise in hardware prototyping was crucial, involving 3D printing and embedded firmware development. The device features embedded C/Python programming, headless WiFi configuration, and seamless cloud storage and synchronization, redefining the capabilities of traditional USB drives.

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Custom Telehealth App (Enterprise)

EE Solutions engineered a comprehensive telehealth application tailored for an enterprise client, featuring a fully integrated scheduling system. This system seamlessly coordinates appointments across various calendars and Electronic Health Records (EHRs). The application supports both video calls for synchronous consultations and chat functionalities for asynchronous communication between healthcare providers (HCPs) and patients. Additionally, it offers the flexibility for HCPs to use Zoom, catering to their preferences and ensuring a versatile, user-friendly telehealth experience.

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Restaurant Discovery & Review (Startup)

Evry1eats, crafted by EE Solutions, is a dynamic restaurant discovery app with a meal-level search engine and extensive menu database from across the US. Utilizing AI and NLP, it analyzed millions of data points to feature 60,000+ menus and 10M+ items. Its innovative group recommendation algorithm personalized dining options based on user preferences and dietary restrictions. Recognized among the Top 100 Startups Globally at Emerge Americas 2018, Evry1eats highlights our expertise in AI-driven development and business strategy.

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WhitePaperGPT AI Extension (Startup)

EE Solutions brought WhitePaperGPT from idea to reality, including design, development, market research, etc. It's an AI-driven Chrome extension for seamless white paper creation. This subscription-based service, featured on FutureTools, enables efficient collection and integration of online article snippets. Utilizing OpenAI's LLM, it provides engaging, high-quality content. Integrated with Stripe for easy payments, WhitePaperGPT simplifies professional content generation, showcasing our expertise in delivering innovative AI solutions and robust support.

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